Customer Reviews


"Leslie, We want to thank you for your support, patience and time that you have given our daughter. We are so thankful for her progress in math since you've been her support. Her recent scores from her private school standardized testing were excellent and we want you to know that your tutoring/support has been a huge influence in her success. After receiving her acceptance letter, she wanted to call you right away to tell you ......... well that speaks for itself. Thank you so much for all you do. All our best." 


"Leslie is an Osceola County teacher as her web site probably states. My 9 year old daughter has had several sessions with her and enjoyed them. Leslie has a knack for teaching kids and finding ways to help them learn. She started out teaching math to high school age students and found she has a talent for reaching younger kids and making learning a fun experience for them as well." 


"My child used Leslie for math tutoring this summer to improve her score on the math section of the ACT and went up FIVE POINTS!!! (That's like going up about 250 points on the SAT.) Leslie is incredible at pinpointing a learning block and helping your student work through it. 


"Leslie, It is because of you that (our daughter) has done so well. You have taught her to work independently and have helped her to become more organized. You are true educator because you always have the child's best interest in mind. Thank you for all that you have done to help (her) succeed." 


"Leslie Dubin was able to help my children develop good study, organization and test-taking skills that assisted them throughout their school years." 


I wanted to give Leslie Dubin a thumbs up for her Geometry summer camp. I highly recommend her for tutoring. Our experience was specifically geometry, but I believe she has a wide range of subjects and has a very appealing personality when dealing with children.