Not every child learns in the same way.

It may be that a student is doing poorly in school because, for example, s/he is not tracking properly from left to right. We offer tracking exercises and lessons to address this problem. This "brain based learning" technique assists in solving the student’s unique challenges in learning.

There are other reasons a student is blocked from learning. We uniquely identify the challenge by trouble-shooting the student's learning ability and then tutor specifically to overcome that challenge. We teach students how to learn; that is, how to study, how to find and retrieve information, how to take notes, how to read a text book and other methods to make their in-class experiences productive and truly "educational".

For optimal student achievement, we determine the individual learning style of the student. This allows the student capitalize on his/her learning strengths while minimizing weaknesses. This way, the student learns to focus, concentrate and become an independent learner.

Typical tutoring follows a set curriculum and teaches what is believed schools should teach and students should learn. At CLC, we tailor our tutorials and the curriculum around each learner's needs. We tailor the curriculum to the student rather than the student to the curriculum.

Anyone can drive home the academics, but, to uncover the stumbling blocks and prescribe effective "learned centered solutions" -- tailor made for THAT student -- generates results far beyond merely "teaching" courses and curriculum.

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